Integration Usage Guide - Whiteboard

Integration Usage Guide - Whiteboard

How to use the integrated whiteboard tool .



This is a tutorial to help you understand how the whiteboard tool built into MyHive works.

1- Click on this icon to be redirected to your whiteboard .

1.2 -  Once this is done, a new tab in your browser will open and it will contain your whiteboard.

To share so that other users can participate, just click on the icon highlighted in red to copy the link and send it to the desired participants.

Once this is done, click on the icon:  to close the pop-up and start using your whiteboard. 

2 - Whiteboard buttons and features, in the sidebar there are the whiteboard design and creation options as shown in the following image:

The following options are:

Text:  this function is intended for typing messages, click on this icon    and you can add texts on your whiteboard.
Color palette:    by clicking on this icon it will be possible to choose the color of the line or text inserted in your whiteboard.

Pen/Eraser/Erase:    by clicking on this icon, a menu will appear containing the options,of a free drawing pen, eraser and erasing all content from the whiteboard.

Line/Arrow:   by clicking on this icon you can draw  a straight line or an  arrow.

Rectangles/Circles:   by clicking on this icon you can create shapes with or without solid fill.

Sticky Notes:   By clicking this icon you can add sticky notes to your whiteboard.      

Background/Template:   by clicking on this icon you can choose from a selection of predefined background for your whiteboard.

UML/Tables:   by clicking on this icon  it will be possible to add a UML object through code , or create a table .

File Upload:   by clicking on this icon, it   will be possible to upload files directly from the computer:  in image formats such as .jpeg,png or xml, it is also possible to attach images through a link by clicking on this icon:  .

3. Top of page menu.
3.1 - In this menu  define the name of the whiteboard, just rename where it is highlighted in blue in the image above.

3.2 -  You can reverse an action performed on the whiteboard and advance to the last edit performed by clicking on the icon: . .

3.3 -  You can resize the board by clicking on the icon,  , to drag or move the whiteboard just select the option:  , you can view in full screen by clicking on the icon:  The option to save/export is only allowed for users registered on the whiteboard platform, if you want to save/export, just register and log into the whiteboard with your user and click on the option:  

3.4 -  To share your whiteboard, just click on the icon:   and copy the given link.
3.5 -  It is also possible to communicate within the whiteboard  tab by clicking on the icon:   where the message chat will open with everyone connected to your whiteboard.

For questions or suggestions, please contact our support by email: .